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MUDr. Viktor Mravčík, Ph.D.

Head of the focal point
As the head of the National Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Addiction, he is responsible for management of the national focal point and implementation of the drug information system, cooperation with the Advisory Committee of the Government Council for Drug Policy Coordination in the field of data collection and for the Annual Report on the Drug Situation.
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In addition, he is responsible for the issues of prevalence estimates of problem use of illicit drugs and coordinates the respective working groups, and for the training of NFP workers, among other.
He graduated at the Medical Faculty at Palacky University in Olomouc in 1993. In 1997, he received first-degree attestation in the discipline of hygiene and epidemiology. In the year 2000, he completed extended attestation in the field of epidemiology (Institute for Post-Graduate Education in Medicine, Prague).
In 1993 - 2002, he held different positions in the public health sector (in the discipline of hygiene and epidemiology). Before he started to work for the Czech National Focal Point, he had been a leader of the Centre of Epidemiology at District Institute of Public Health in Karviná. He was a member of the Impact Analysis Project of New Drugs Legislation in the Czech Republic (PAD) research team in 1999-2001.
Since 2002, he is the Head of the Czech National Monitoring Centre for Drugs and drug Addiction, which is the member of the Reitox network of Focal Points coordinated by EMCDDA. He is a member of editorial board of the Adiktologie journal. In 2002-2004 he was acting as vice-spokesperson of Reitox network. Since 2009, he is the Member of the board of the Society for Addictive Diseases of the Czech Medical Association. He has been active as expert in many international projects in the field of drug policy and drug epidemiology/monitoring.
He is the main author and editor of the Czech Annual Reports on Drug Situation and (co-)author or editor of other more than 70 publications and journal articles.

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